Stay a Step Ahead of Cyber Criminals – Use Managed Network Services to Protect Your Business

Cybercrime hits businesses large and small. In previous years, it was enough for executives and business owners to shrug off the looming threat in the firm belief that "it won't happen to me" but that is no longer the case. Cybersecurity experts expect that global ransomware damage costs will exceed $5 billion in 2017. Ransomware [...]

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Solve Common Office Pains with a Simple Document Management Solution – Spend Less Time Filing

In today's business environment, data is everything. This realization leads to some important secondary concerns. For one, content and document management is more important than ever. Employees who spend time looking for lost or misplaced documents cost company time and productivity. In some cases, this can lead to up to 21 percent overall productivity loss. [...]

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Plan for the Known So You Can Be Prepared for the Unknown – Cybersecurity and Business Continuity

Large-scale cyber attacks are becoming increasingly common, and organizations large and small are feeling the heat as they rapidly try to shore up defense against known vulnerabilities. However, for many cybersecurity specialists, it is the unknown vulnerabilities that provoke the most stress. How can you defend against something you cannot notice until its too late? [...]

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Simplify Training with the Sharp Aquos Board

Do you still use a whiteboard for corporate training? The venerable whiteboard has been a staple in the corporate training program environment for the better part of the last half-century – and before that, the chalkboard. Both of these devices offered a very useful set of features to training staff. They were portable. They were multi-functional. [...]

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Use Digital Signage to Tell Your Company’s Story

Digital media is everywhere. From electronic billboards to your favorite YouTube playlist, right down to the signs companies use to create branded customer experiences, companies have left traditional print behind in favor of what the digital experience offers. When it comes to branding, digital signage offers the same disruptive capacity that neon lighting once did. [...]

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Advantages of Papercut and How It Can Reduce Costs

How much money are you wasting on unused prints? Managing print accounts in environments where multiple individuals need constant print access can be challenging. On one hand, printing is necessary for a broad range of business processes – even the most meticulous employer can't oversee every print order to determine whether it’s truly needed or not. [...]

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DME Gives Back to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Hurricane Harvey, the highly publicized flood disaster that caused billions of dollars’ worth of damage in Southeast Texas and claimed 75 lives, has come to an end. But efforts to protect further lives from the damage it wreaked are only just beginning. Beyond its substantial effect on human lives, animals count themselves among Hurricane Harvey [...]

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Managed Print Services Help the Medical Industry Stay Organized, Compliant, and Secure

  In a busy medical clinic environment, there can be no choice between patient care and paperwork. Even in non-life threatening situations, doctors and their teams must place utmost priority on attending to patient needs. Nevertheless, medical professionals rely on printed documents for patient data, symptom analyses, and care feedback. According to Samsung, paperwork adds [...]

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Why Your Company Should Switch to In-House Marketing

For many growing businesses, the key to optimizing expansion into new markets hinges on a single question: "Should I hire a marketing team, or outsource marketing?" At Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, we offer a broad range of managed business services. Notably, marketing isn't one of them – and we're going to explain exactly why we believe [...]

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Why You Should Upgrade Your Old Copier to a New One

For many small businesses, the mailing room copier is a fulcrum that balances the daily workload in the office. In organizations that rely on a centralized copying machine for the majority of copy and print actions, this trusty machine forms the backbone of almost every business operation. But what happens when the old copier breaks [...]

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