Cost per Page

Cost per Page

Many businesses don’t stop to consider how much their printing practices cost them. Unfortunately, this can often mean that a large drain on their income and resources goes unnoticed.

For most organizations, expenses connected to documents (printing, storage, distribution, etc.) represent one of their highest costs, coming in third behind HR and facilities. Studies have shown that a single office worker can spend more than $10,000 a year just through printing.

You can’t afford to lose money through inefficient printing processes. With a cost per page analysis from Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises, you can start to reduce waste and rein in your printing expenses.

Benefits of Cost Per Page Analysis

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises cost per page analysis lets you:

  • Observe how the printers in your workplace are used
  • See which employees and departments print the most
  • Uncover wasteful printing
  • Spot overworked or underutilized equipment

Related Services and Solutions

Once you understand how much your printing practices cost you, you can take advantage of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises other services and solutions to manage them better. These include:

  • The rest of our Managed Print Services, which can involve redeploying your printers and instituting more cost-effective workflows
  • Document Capture solutions, which reduce your reliance on physical storage by converting hard copies into digital files
  • Print Accounting solutions, which let you keep track of your printing expenses on an ongoing basis

Click the links above to learn more about these services and solutions. Contact us via our Get Started page with any questions you have about our cost per page analysis.