For many modern organizations, going digital isn’t just advisable—it’s necessary. With more and more business being conducted online, you need the ability to upload, store and distribute information electronically.

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises has office equipment to help make this process easy. With one of our scanners, you can capture physical documents and convert them to digital files quickly, retaining the image quality and details of the hard copies as you do.

Features of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises Scanners

The useful features of Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises document scanners include:

  • The ability to scan dozens of pages within minutes
  • Simple, easily understandable controls
  • Options for scanning to several file formats
  • Compatibility with more than 200 imaging applications
  • Low-energy, environmentally responsible design
  • High dpi resolution for greater retention of details and colors
  • Editing and correction features such as shadow cropping and text enhancement

Document Capture Solutions and Managed Network Services

Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises doesn’t just offer you equipment to scan documents. We can also provide you with solutions and services to make the transition from physical to digital documents even easier.

Our document capture solutions allow you to scan documents to different formats and send them through your workflows faster. Also, our managed network services help ensure that your IT network stays active and your information protected. Click the links to learn more.

For more details on Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises scanners, consult our Complete Catalog. If you have questions about any of our products or services, get in touch with us through our Get Started page.