Technology Partners

Technology Partners

We couldn’t continue to succeed in business without the companies that make the products we offer to our customers. Here’s some information on Donnellon McCarthy Enterprises and ABS Technology Company’s technology partners.


Toshiba has been a leader in the fields of home, office and industrial electronics for decades. Organizations in a wide variety of industries—including retail companies, hospitals, government agencies and universities—use Toshiba products today.


A Ricoh Corporation company, Savin manufactures a comprehensive line of office equipment, which includes laser printers, multifunction copiers and wide format devices. Savin takes pride in enabling customers to focus on business tasks rather than technology issues.


Sharp’s multifunction printers and other first-rate printing systems exemplify the company’s commitment to innovation and value. Originally founded in Japan in 1912, the company’s products have a documented history of increasing productivity and lowering costs.


HP operates in more than 170 countries around the world. Its technology and services help people and companies address challenges and realize possibilities. HP's Imaging and Printing Group drives industry leadership with cutting edge products.

FP Mailing

FP Mailing Solutions is an innovative developer of mail center equipment. Organizations in a variety of industries—including healthcare, law and government—have benefitted from their products.

Square 9

Square 9’s solutions for document capture, content management and more are used by companies in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Australia. Their SmartSearch product line earned Buyers Laboratory International’s Five Star Rating in 2015.


With its easy-to-use, web-based applications, SentryFile’s document management solution has allowed companies to increase their efficiency significantly.


FMAudit is a leading developer of managed print services solutions, including software for meter collection and supply and service notifications.

Intellinetics, Inc.

IntelliCloud enables organizations that are still dependent on a business critical use of paper documents, to quickly increase revenues, competitive advantage and customer satisfaction while decreasing costs and risk. IntelliCloud is the best of both worlds – a proven solution that tames the mountain of paper by applying the benefits of digital document management to this real-world physical file environment, IntelliCloud is the pioneer and leader in Simplified Imaged Document Management.

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